World Healthcare Festival

26th April - 21st May 2021

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As each nation fights the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Healthcare Journal is creating the first in a series of World Healthcare Festivals, looking to bring together health systems from around the globe.

The Festival topics will consider where we go next and how international healthcare systems, providers, suppliers and governments can work together to create a more connected global healthcare world.

The inaugural, online event will run through April and May 2021. It will have a dual focus on the development of healthcare in Africa, and the experience of the UK through the oldest and most revered healthcare system in the world, the NHS or National Health Service.

The event will present a series of Webinars with breakout sessions featuring speakers and panellists from both the UK and Africa, as well as key markets and partners around the world including Ministers and senior level guests from the Middle East, India, South America, China and the USA.

With an anticipated audience of over 5,000 across the events, speakers from more than 20 countries, senior level engagement from the NHS and 15 African countries plus UK politicians and healthcare leaders, as well as opportunities to interact and debate with opinion formers from across the world, the World Healthcare Festival is not to be missed.

Insight - Education

Insight - Education

For healthcare leaders across the world. The central theme is funding and infrastructure aimed at modernising healthcare systems across the globe.



It is crucial to keep the global healthcare community connected. The only way to do that right now is virtually. The WHF series is a progressive fusion of print and digital that provides exceptional visibility to the world’s healthcare leaders.
Products - Solutions

Products - Solutions

It is vital that we keep global medical solution providers & equipment manufactures connected with healthcare ministries, hospital infrastructure specialists and HCP across the globe.

World Healthcare Festival 2021


26th April - 21st May 2021


50+ Countries Represented



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